Unistrut Channel 41x21 Pre-Galvanised Slotted 3m Light Duty (P4000TX3) (P4000TX3PG)


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Unistrut Channel 41x165 Back to Back Slotted Pre-Galvanised 6m (P5001T) (P5001TX6PG) Heavy Duty 41 mm x 165 mm x 6m 41 mm x 165 mm x 6m

Pre- Galvanized steel is zinc coated by a hot dip process. Steel strip from a coil is fed through a continuous zinc coater which cleans, fluxes and coats the steel with molten zinc. After cooling, the steel is recoiled. This coating is offered on Unistrut channel and accessories and is well-proven, time- tested performer for indoor and outdoor applications. For servere corrison applications, Hot Dipped Galvanised is recommended .

Unistrut Channel channel is a support system manufactured from steel, which is also referred to as Strut, is available in Plain Oil, Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG), Pre Galvanised and Stainless Steel with different options for thickness; 21mm, 41mm, 62mm, 82mm and larger if required. Length options as standard are 3 or 6 metre (or smaller with our cutting service). Within Unistrut channel range, there is the option for slotted channel which have slots at either 11mm or 14mm. All single Unistrut members are accurately and carefully rolled from mild steel. All multiple members are two or more single Unistrut members spot welded on

The Unistrut Metal Framing System incorporates a wide range of channel nuts and hardware (including: spring nuts, stud nuts, flat washers, square washers, lock washers, qwik washer, hex head cap screws, and more) meant to make fastening channel and fittings together as easy and as quick as possible. Unistrut show that the standard is achieved by rolling the channel with the part number along with the full name of the Standard BS6946:1988, and there Unistrut branding. This is, as it should be, engraved deep into the Channel to ensure that you can clearly identify our product over the inferior product that is creeping into the market place.

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